Crescat Scare

1573672-crescat_boulevard-colombo.jpgThis is to update our visitors and readers that there has just been a bomb scare at the Crescat Boulevard. It was at approximately 1.45pm. Patrons of the food court, including contributors to this blog who were present at the time, and shoppers in the others areas of Crescat were evacuated immediately. The Crescat City Security team and Bomb Disposal unit were instrumental in facilitating this evacuation. At this time we do not know the credibility level of the threat, or how it originated.

Crescat food court is patronized by many of Colpetty’s white collar workers with diners coming from many nearby business establishments. Bomb scares such as this one, and the likes of what was seen at the Immigration and Passport Office recently, are, to put it simply, bad for
Colombo’s business activity. The level of uncertainty and uneasiness gradually hits home more often, through incidents such as this.

In an update of the markets today, the All Share Price Index was up 11.17 points (+0.52%) and the Milanka was up by 19.44 points (+0.71%) – a positive outlook, depsite further mine attacks by the LTTE in the North

Update on TV tax issue: We do not have more in depth information on the President’s or the Ministry’s response to the request for revising/revisiting this policy yet. Inquiries will continue.

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